Friday, March 12, 2010

Quite possibly deleting blog

This is a vein that I like to vent through but now it's being surrounded by autobots wanting me to make money off of it. NO THANKS!

March has brought me happiness and family time that I have loved. I never felt this way before with my family(s) before. I feel the love in everything we do, even going to the corner lanudromat doing laundry with my daughter and Susan.The love radiates throughout our home. My only question is, "Why didn't it happen so much earlier in my life?"

I don't think I have regrets because I have learned lessons throughout those experiences. I am grateful for the happiness I have now because I see so many people in society and in my friends circle that don't have it and have so many more headaches and problems than I do.

I pray that those friends and their families can find the peace and the help they need to find it too.

Til later!