Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer is here...

Let the good times roll....Planning trips to see relatives and going to have a great time. Now we are packing and planning and trying to eat healthier and trying to lose a bit of weight before the summer is over. We are also trying to be a bit healthier in the finances department. We'll see how the summer goes. I have a chance at a part time job to compensate for the loss of earnings during the summer. Its a bit of a drive but hopefully it'll turn into a job that I will like to do and then it won't be so bad. It's day one of summer and I am going stir crazy with just being home. There is a list of chores that have to get done and I know that they are just waiting for me to cross them off the list. I am better at closing the door on the chore and hiding in another part of the house. Have to change that.....some day..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh goodness. I keep looking...

I have been a tad busy and basically not in the mood to blog anything. I logged on today and to my surprise, I had 33 moderated comments to go through...LOL!

I don't want to advertise my blog, it's just a venting tool for me. It is not my sort of thing..I work in a classroom setting or a secretarial setting.

Things are going well and I love that spring is here and summer is coming..but there are bad things about it too. The school district killed 27 jobs and the teachers were bumped to different classrooms or eliminated. My daughters teacher is being moved to another school and she is heartbroken that she won't be able to see her everyday. Plus there is the part of the 6 week visitation with her father during the summer. He makes it impossible for me to talk to her while she is over there and she is very anxious about that this summer. We are going on a couple of trips before she goes to her dads so it should be a great adventure and memory making for when she is away from us.

Lets talk trips. I have been to over 20 different states and would love to travel more....I have also been oversees and visited many European countries.

Susan and I are planning trips to Las Vegas, Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many more. I have already seen some of them but others will be a brand new adventure. I love traveling and it will be a highlight to our summers and vacations.

Time to get some household chores done. Thanks to all who read but don't ask me to advertise or your comment will just be deleted... :)

Til then...