Friday, July 24, 2009

The update of a Lifetime...Pictures

Jessica and I had a talk about a month ago at church and I told her that I would give her a list of stuff that she left at my house...her yearbooks, projects from school, and other things that she had left behind that I still had in my possession. She called me yesterday, her 18th birthday. She asked me where we wanted to meet to get her those things I had collected for her. We set up a time and place and planned to meet. I was nervous and excited and very scared. Was she gonna be nice...was she gonna tell me to stay out of her life forever? She had both options. I really had no idea.

Well, this was the result....

Allen was there and took the pictures. I was talking so I look goofy but my girl is standing next to me and smiling so it's definitely an improvement over a year ago when she would not even cross the street to give Arielle a hug at a parade. She says she is far away from forgiving me but she still gave me an open door to look through as we take baby steps toward coming back together as a family. I gave her two hugs and a kiss on the cheek and she didn't shove me away so that was very encouraging to me. I love her so much! I just hope in the next few months, as she continues to struggle with her college and new found adult life, she will realize that I am a shoulder she can lean on if she needs it.

I'll keep you up to date. I am so grateful for all 3 of my kids. And the weight being lifted off my shoulders by yesterday's events made for a very restful night.

Til later!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck. All the best.

Dedicated said...

Andi she is so beautiful! Don't worry, you two will connect. I think most mom and daughters drift and fight. It is how we make our daughters as strong as us....or is it how they choose to be like us.

College! This is where they come back and we build a new connection a strong connection a better connection. Just keep loving. (like there is a choice-LOL)

Jennifer said...

Andi, it was so nice to see your blog today and see beautiful photos of you with your daughter! I don't know all of your situation and why things are the way they are, but I certainly hope this is a step towards a better relationship between you two.

I just watched those two videos, too, and for some reason got a little misty! I don't even know your daughter but it's just amazing how they grow and change so fast, isn't it?

camilla said...

Youre going to be all fine :)

camilla said...

Hey I like your blog allot :)