Sunday, December 12, 2010

An update on the wayward children I call my offspring..

They both live with their father and hate me. Their father and step mother both hate me too. Ongoing theme here, huh?? Hmmm....not much of an update, huh?? However, I am more than happy to report that my youngest offspring, my adorable 8 year old, lives happy and healthy in our home with me and Susan and couldn't be happier. One possible reason for her to be happier than she is now is if Taylor Lautner (her current movie crush) walked through our front door and asked her to be his best friend forever!

Jessi, 19, and Allen, 15, along with their father,(my first ex) and his wife, give off so much hate to me and Susan, and the way we live, I have given them their space after the latest verbal sandblasting in July. My son only contacts me if I have something he wants (like his birth certificate so he can get his driving permit) and then it's back to "I hate mom, I hate mom". He says he has everything he wants at his dad's house and he's happy and that's ok with me. I still have visitation rights and he knows what weekend is mine so if he ever comes over to visit and is nice, I'll honestly fall on the floor from the shock.

His step mother texted me back in October when they found out Susan and I got married in Iowa and told me that both Allen and Arielle were upset about not being part of it or knowing about it. They were going to be put in counseling to help them with the adjustment. HA!! Counseling is what every child in that household needs. To make it clear, Arielle was involved in the planning of the wedding in Iowa. She helped with the rings and the flowers. She knew more about it than I did and she is perfectly happy with mommy and Susan being together. She is happy because mommy is happier than she has ever been and that's what every child should want for their parent. If Allen were to have any contact with me of his own accord, he also would have been a part of the wedding planning. His choice not to be involved in our family here.

Any human being who wants to see their parent dead, or harmed in any way, like my oldest 2 children wish upon me daily, definitely needs some counseling. Does the name Menendez come to mind?? Might want to google that family history...It is not pretty and I am not going down that road!

HAPPY DAY!! Love conquers all hate and bad thoughts. So glad I have such a wonderful support system in place to make all the bad go away...bye bye....


Anonymous said...

Hi Andi,
I was just thinking about you and checked your blog last week to see if you updated. You must have caught my brainwave.

Anyway, wow! with your children is all I can say. Ugh. Well, but what can you do? It is what it is.

Do you best. Remain true to yourself. Kids will come around. Unfortunately, it may be years from now. Both my kids got married this year. One had a planned wedding, the other eloped! Oh well.

Love and kisses to you and Susan. Have a happy holiday.

Andi said...

Hi Morrison,

I read yoursevery chance I get and I have been thinking about you and all your updates, including the DH crap that you were and are going through. (((HUGS)))

I saw the daughter posts too. UGH! You now have a dog...unconditional love from an animal. beats human love every time. Luckily I got lucky with Susan. Talk more later.. XOXO