Friday, July 18, 2008

Now, time to start something new!


Well, it's July and a lot of things have happened. Good things, bad things, and getting through life things.

First, I want to tell you all I did graduate from college.

Next, I applied for jobs, over 30 applications in the first month. Any luck? Not so far and it's been 2 months. So what have I been doing with all my free time while I sit by the phone waiting for it to ring? I volunteer 8 hours a week at the local hospital and I joined Weight Watchers.

Volunteering at the hospital-We used to live within walking distance from this particular hospital and after the divorce, I moved 7 miles away to a city closer to the shopping district here in my area. My youngest daughter was born at this hospital and I needed something to keep my mind off my troubles and looking for jobs. Volunteering also looks good on a resume so I figured the networking possibilities would also be useful in my job search. I have always volunteered somewhere, be it Special Olympics, my children's baseball league and now the hospital. I am still in training mode but I work 4 hours in the Gift Shop and I also work 4 hours in Patient Services where you wait for phone calls from different departments and they send you on errands. You see different parts of the hospital that visitors aren't allowed to be in so it really is fun! The best part of the whole job is bringing in flowers to the new mothers in OB. I always volunteer to do that run. The OB department decorate their walls with the footprints of the newborns before they are discharged and I get a kick out of seeing my daughter's footprint every time I am able to go to OB. Since my kids are at their Dad's for six weeks, I kiss her little footprint as I walk by. I had my tubes tied last year and this is also a way to see the newborns in the nursery or with thier families in the room. It's so cool! I am very happy with the decision to volunteer at a hospital. I also help bring discharged patients to the front door and that is always a thrill to see patients go home after a stay.

Weight Watchers-
My first week (10 days) was a 5.6 pound loss. Yeah for me. My first meeting and weigh in was on a Monday night 7/7/08, after dinner, with shoes on, before my period, and more clothes on than comfortable. My next weigh in (yesterday) was 10 days later, before breakfast, no shoes, after my cycle was done, with minimal clothes on. It makes a difference! I go with friends of mine so the support group is there in force. That also makes a difference.

The summer is almost over. 4 weeks from today school starts again. I have the kids for 5 days and then they go back to their dad's for 15 days and then they come home for the starting of school.

I forgot to say that I passed a school district clerical test for schools my kids go to so I can substitute there now as a secretary, which will be nice. Sub pay isn't bad, $12 an hour, considering, I have no job right now. So.....

That is my update for today. I will be updating this better since I now have a renewed desire to blog about life. It's not bad at all, not really, so I want to tell of the good that is happening in my life.

Thanks for reading!



Rick said...

Hey AKB - that was indeed a long time between post. I had to go back and read my comment to remember what I had written.

You have taken a very pro-active approach to your life situation. I wish more people would do things like that.

I always LOVE TO SEE the artwork of others. Please do sketch something and post it. Be sure to tell me when it's there. I want to see it.

Kiss a baby for me!


Anonymous said...

AKB-good for you! You've done very well indeed. The job will come when the time is right. Keep your eyes and ears open at the hospital. Networking just may pay off.

Nice family photo.

C said...

Oh, shoot.

I've just been imagining you at the hotel too busy to blog.

I work as an educational aide for special needs students at my son's school (started when he was in first grade and now he's entering sixth!). The school schedule really works out great for us.

Two thumbs up for Weight Watcher's!

Can't wait to hear about your new job. . .*fingers crossed*


Jennifer said...

Hey there! Thanks for helping me find your blog!