Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday weigh in and update

Ha, I got the weight thing by the neck now. I dropped 2.4 poounds this past week and I am really happy about that. I walk every day in the morning and it seems that it is helping me to lose the weight. I guess I will go with what works.

I am on a job hunt. I have a person who is going to help me with it. I am meeting with her tomorrow to set goals and help me get into this company that I have been pursuing for the past year. Wish me luck!

I am now an official volunteer at the hospital. I got my badge with personal picture on it yesterday. It's cool!

Gotta run to work. Have a good week. I'll keep you updated on the job situation.


C said...

Wow! 2.4 lbs. gone forever. Sounds like a great idea to have some help with the job hunt. Good Luck.


Andi said...

Thanks for the compliment. It seems to be getting easier and buying the fat free, sugar free foods isn't that nasty anymore. The companies are finding out that the stuff before tasted awful so they have improved greatly in the tasting department.

One question though, who are you? Do I know you from home or just the internet???? Brain dead, AKB.