Wednesday, October 1, 2008


And Happy First Payday at my new job! Yes! It was bigger than I had expected or anticipated and the extra is going into savings. Already been transferred for semi annual bills I have to pay in December.

I am so happy, even with the economy being as it is. I work at a financial firm and we have seen clients move thier money around but we have not seen the clients take the money out. The market is doing weird stuff but if you stay the course and leave the money where it is, it'll eventually even itself out. The stock Market is set up for the long term, not hiddly piddly when things get a little tough. That is what an emergency fund is for...the everyday tough stuff.

I bought milk last night and some groceries and the milk prices were almost down to normal. I was pleasantly surprised. So with the kids home this weekend, I bought up a few gallons in anticipation of Bubba drinking lots of milk. I am also going to mkae their favorite treat this weekend and that takes up a lot of milk.

Time to get ready for work. Catch up time again. We had a lot of updates in forms yesterday so I have to get the new forms ready and replace the old ones.

Have fun today. I know I certainly will. I love my life, my loves and my job!!!! I wish your life is as blessed as mine is right now.

Feels really good!

Til later!

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