Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, now this is a test of my will and strength....

Lovely tree roots in a place they should NOT be...

Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, I was in the shower and I heard gurgling in my toilet and sink. Gurgling is not good in my house when it comes to my plumbing. I have learned from experience that when you hear that particular sound, you better stop what you are doing and pay close attention to unexpected water blow ups. I quickly got dressed and called my local plumber. I have been dealing with these guys for the past 2 years on past plumbing issues (tree roots) and they have always helped.

My house was built in 1952. The plumbing outside the house is clay tile and has serious root infestation. So, because of school and money issue problems, I have delayed the serious task of replacing all my pipes outside to the city drain with PVC pipe, a cost of about $5000. Well, now that I have a job and have money rolling, Heavenly Father has blessed me with the task of actually taking care of this little annoyance. It won't wait until Spring. I have to do it now....and the cost will bite into Christmas and other luxuries that I have been wanting to do.
My trip to NYC is still on (non-refundable airline tickets) but I have to be careful with the money I do take so I can still afford to pay the plumber when he does his job. This just sucks! Seriously! Oh, the kicker is that I have no clothes washer til it gets fixed either. I have to go to the laundromat to do loads of laundry since the pressure from the sump pump in the basement, makes the plumbing back up in to the house and cause more problems. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the worst part, the plumber, while he was digging cut my satellite wires and now the satellite can't be repaired until Tuesday.....when it rains, it pours.

My work schedule prohibits me from being home through all this to supervise and it makes me crazy that way. There is a control issue there and I know it. If I am there, they can't screw anything up and even if they do, I can correct it before they leave. That's the news. I'll update later with more as it comes *into the station*

Till later!

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Anonymous said...

UGH. WTF? What is that????????


Don't worry about NYC. People don't advertise it allot BUT you can still do NY on the cheap. Shhhhhhh!