Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Update!

It's about 10pm and I just looked at the clock! Whoa, time flies when you're doing stuff that you like.

This week was good, worked 3.5 days and got to work at the high school which has the nicest teachers and assistants in the whole district. I got requested 3 times this week and that makes me feel wonderful!

It's the beginning of April and I am trying to redo the budget to put a huge amount into savings and save for the bad summer break where my paycheck will be $0. for about 10 weeks. I am scared to go out and interview for a position anywhere else for the summer. I really want to work at the district and if I save enough money now, we can make it through with the paycheck being reduced. I dread interviews and the endless waiting. I am familiar with the district and the people and my interview process there would be a breeze if I had to do it for a full time position.

Life has gotten busier this week with the start of baseball season. Arielle plays coach pitch softball and Allen will play baseball. They have thier first practice tomorrow. Games start in a few weeks. We also have two birthdays to celebrate. Arielle will be 7 on the 16th and Allen turns 14 on May 2. It'll be a quiet celebration. Not much fanfare this year.

Tonight Allen is sleeping at his dad's because his friend is coming over there tomorrow morning and Arielle is having a sleep over with a friend of hers from school here tonight. I am also trying to catch up on some of the stuff around the house that I have not gotten to in the last couple of weeks.

*Good luck on that one, Andi!*

Well, I better check on the girls. They are watching a movie and pausing the screen so the actors make weird faces, LOL, funny girls!!!

Have a great night. I intend to....

Til later.....

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