Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday update----

Today I work at the high school at 11am. I still have to mail my sister's birthday present. I hope to work tomorrow and Wedneswday before Spring break-Thurs-Monday. I gave up my spring break with the kids so they could visit their sick grandmother in Iowa. It may be the last time they see her so I had to do it.

I want to work in the yard and get that ready for the summer. There are broken branches all over the yard that have to be thrown over the fence. I have a rose bush that died last year that is showing some growth so I have to be caqreful with that one. I planted eight rosebuches last year and only three survived. I have to find my strawberry plants and make sure I can get a bumper crop this year. I also go strawberry picking at a local farm and freeze most of them for future desserts.

Lots to do this week. Hope that your week is well.

Til later!

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