Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Diana is my sister and she turns a year older today. She is my older sister and she is my best friend. I called her this morning and she has the day/weekend off for the spring break. I mailed off her package so I hope it got to her today or maybe tomorrow. I would not be as sane as I am today if it were not for her and her support. It's cool the way our two lives have entertwined. She and I both told our parents the same week that we were getting divorced. We got married for the second time within 10 days of each other in the same year. We are each others biggest fans. She puts up with me and my crazy ways and I put up with hers. It's a mutual admiration society. I LOVE YOU!!!

My kids just left to go off to Iowa and visitt their sick grandmother for Easter. It was my year to have them for spring break but since my ex-MIL is so sick, I figured it'd be better for me to give in and then make it up later when things weren't so sticky with health issues. I am praying for her health. She has been sick most of her life and she is now 61 with a host of heart and health issues. It's surprising that she has lived this long, after numerous open heart surgeries and pacemakers, and other stuff....I miss the relationship that we had before the divorce. She was like my second mom and after the divorce, the whole family basicaly wanted nothing to do with me anymore. Oh well, I can still pray for her and keep her in my thoughts. God doesn't care....If she dies, I will mourn the death just like any other of my beloved family members.

Talking of death, sorry to be such a downer. I am on rack to attend two funerals this weekend. One of an infant daughter of a coworker of mine. She lived one day. She had a heart defect when she was born and she coded once and then they decided to let her go instead of trying heroic measures to keep her alive. I probably won't go to that one but I know when the funeral is so I'll be thinking about her then. The other one I am helping food with is a friend of mines alzheimers afflicted father. He escaped from his nursing home through a window on Tuesday in the middle of the night. His escape made the news so I was shocked to find it was her father. He is now not in pain and the family can finally rest too. It's awfully hard on a family to take care of a family member with that debilitating disease.

Can I think of anything chipper to talk about?, not really.... well maybe... I got paid early. The bills are getting paid on time....I made a great chicken tettrazini for dinner tonight. Hubby will be home in about an hour...I can sleep in tomorrow morning....what else.....I guess that is it.

I still miss my kids this weekend so I'm gonna close and cry some. Have a great Easter. I may update more later on if I feel a bit more cheery...

Til later!

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