Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WOW! I really am bored!

What the heck am I going to do with all the time in the world during the summer to keep myself occupied and out of trouble when kids are gone for 6 weeks and hubby goes to work every day????? I really need to find something to do constructive or else I will go nuts.

I just came from an ice cream place, Maggie Moos, where, today, Tax Day, they were handing out free scoops of ice cream. Got me there! Free and ice cream, my two favorite words together! I wanted coconut but they did'nt have it out so I opted for the mango sorbet. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I saw they had a piint of Pina Cowlada so I got one of those too with the $5 that I had in my pocket. Cheap and Oh so good!

I did a bad thing...sort of...I went to Best Buy and bought a DVD drive for our netbooks and a video editing program and a package of CD-RW's. I really needed all of it so I could have a new hobby for the summer......LOL! There ya go. Bought it with my debit card so it's not credit or anything, which is a plus since my CC's are all cut up and gone anyhow.

I work tomorrow at my sons school and then I go play with Arielle at her last recess at school for her birthday. I am bringing my camera to take pictures of her and her friends. Might as well celebrate with all her classmates. It'll be fun.

Time to see how this new drive works.

Til later....

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Anonymous said...

what about getting a summer job at a camp, or children's tutoring center, or something like that? even the ice cream shop???

something seasonal.

or volunteering at a camp. could be fun.