Monday, April 13, 2009

I finally did it....

I updated my resume. I had such a hard time last year trying to find a job and being rejected by companies that I swore if I ever did get a job, I'd be there forever and never need to update it again. WRONG! That job lasted a total of 12 weeks. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a sub in the school district again without the update so really, I have not seen it since August. I had to find it in one of my lost, forgotten, emails but that was not too bad of a search. Amazingly enough, I went back to my August emails, and Poof, there it was~! :)

The reason for the update is because I am, once again, searching for employment. I am looking for summertime work because as soon as school starts in August, I'll be subbing back in the school again. The woman who found my first post graduation job, has an employment agency and contacts who let her know when they need experienced employees. I hate interviewing, but if I have some money to put away this summer, it'll make the trip to Florida in August much more enjoyeable. So...I have to suck it up and see what God has planned for my summer.

The kids come back tonight and I am trying to get a few things done before they get here. Arielle's birthday is on Thursday and I found out that I am only working a half day so I am going to bring her snacks in after her recess. I also made a word search for her classmates to do that encompasses Arielle and her talents and loves. I hope she likes it.

I guess my son's room is waiting to get cleaned a bit. It'll certainly smell a little better after I fumigate it...

Til later!

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