Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't ever say "It can't happen to me!"

Because it can and most likely will.....I am talking about credit cards not holding to their word in a contract.

They can do whatever they want and they only do it for their own best interest!

It doesn't matter what they did to me. I kind of walked in and said that it would not happen to me even though there are tons of other blogs out there saying it happened to them.

I just cut up the remaining "emergency cards" I had and threw them away. Never again, will I have a balance hanging over my head....but I do have to pay these off first. UGH! I was a sucker and now I am paying for it. Eye Opening experience!

I am so mad at myself for being so complacent...not as complacent as others I know but still.....

Today is my mom's birthday. I sent her a recipe book that my church made this past Christmas. She loved it.

Today my eyes were opened!

Today is a new day!

I work all days this week. My paycheck will be bigger than most. Two more months of school days left to work. I am off summer break. I have a cushion for the summer months of no work. I will sub next year. I will go to Florida but I wil not use credit cards. I will use cash and make it a frugal vacation. Lots of beach time and cheap/free activities.

I feel a bit better but I won't feel a ton better until I know I can tell all the credit card companies to off themselves. 3 years from now!

Til later!


Morrison said...

what happened? you weren't specific.

Andi said...

They cut my credit limit to a hair above my balance. Enough said....It's my highes card balance too and my lowest interest I have to watch my rate every time to make sure they do not raise it. Freaking %^%$%$%*%$^*$^$%%^$*%%$!!