Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Plans for this Trip.....*happily giggles*

OK, saving money is always a concern, I mean, it is Florida and at a high priced we are driving instead of flying...

We are still unsure of when to go but we are fairly certain that we want the kids to go with us.

It is a two bedroom villa with a kitchenette and much more but I am not sure what else.

Plans for being there:

Horseback riding (us)
beach (us)
sunset watching (me, and whoever else wants to)
sunrise watching (me, and whoever else wants to)
golf (Chuck)
swimming (us)
parasailing (I want to so badly)
mini golf (us)
shopping (us)
gathering shells (us)
staying far away from jelly fish (us)
video tape all (me)
taking pictures (us)
making memories (us)
enjoy the time together (us)
relaxing (us)

We'll see what happens....

Til later...

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