Saturday, March 28, 2009

A very stressful time averted..

I think...

Being a frugal person, I am always trying to make my life pay less in interest. I always look for the best deal, the best way of shaving needed money to go toward a better frugal idea. I do have my weaknesses though and this one just bit me last week. Confession time... I am a total computer freak...geek..I have a computer obsession. I saw these little netboks and I just had to have one....I waited almost a month before I bit the bullet...and got one (two) for hubby and me.....My inward discussionwent like this..

Andi: I need one

Brain: It's too expensive

Andi: My PDA is on it's last legs...It would cost just as much to get a new PDA as to get this new great netbook..

Brain: NO need to pay down the debt...not up it again.

Andi: I can't What about cHUlive without my PDA. I need to have my files, and budget with me at all times for groceries, my pictures, and music...If I get this netbook, I have internet, files, and portability for the same price.

Brain: What about hubby? He has his PDA.

Andi: But mhy PDA is dying...It won't even stay on for half a second.

The morning of the purchase..

Andi: I can save money and wait til the cash is there in hand.

(Meanwhile, 3am, hubby gets online on the desktop on his log on and blocks mine so I can't et to my files...)

Brain: He's on the computer again. I can't get to sleep..It's 3AM!!! Great, I am awkake and can't check my mail or Facebook since he is on.

Andi: I am getting two netbooks tomorrow.That way there is no fighting about who is on the computer. Everyone has thier own and everyone is happy!

Brain: YUP! We'll find the money someplace.

I worked more hours this week than ever before and there is still two more months left for school. These netbooks will be paid off in the next 3 weeks. A friend of mine is taking an early vacation in May and she has asked me to work her position that last week of school. COOL! A full week working...that'll more than make up money for this purchase.

I transferred all files to my netbook and I am as happy as I have ever been with a computer purchase. No regrets there and hubby loveshis too.

Til later!


Morrison said...

Hey, if u can pay it off quickly, well then. You know how I feel about computer equipment. Gotta have it. It's my life.

You did it. You can pay it off quickly. Enjoy.

Andi said...

Oh I am. I love my computers....and this one is so pretty! Hubby got a ruby red and I have a sapphire blue. I can get on anytime I want and I don't and won't share it with anyone. Now I need to get the heater fixed. The ignter on it went out. Guy in the driveway now. LOL!