Saturday, August 9, 2008

The artist in me is escaping....

Only positive comments are allowed!

I drew these rare beauties this morning on a whim and a prayer. My muse had her way with me last night and these are our creation. I have a few more up my sleeve but I'll wait a day or two before posting them.


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Rick said...

I would never DREAM of leaving a negative comment!

Whimsical and fun, I think I would describe your work.

You know Andi, art come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. I think that the only thing you might do next is to take your time and try to make the use of your color smoother. Press a bit harder, go in small circles, keep it steady. Don't get in a rush. Just enjoy the moment. In fact, you could go back over what you just posted and see how it looks. You'll be surprised

Is that negative?

Try some more and give me a heads up when you've posted something.