Friday, August 8, 2008

Job Update...

The awesome news is that I survived the interview. The good part is that she loved me and I blew her away with my qualifications. The bad part is that I have to wait 5days for a second interview with the big boss so she can also be wowed by my skills. The interview is set for Tuesday at 9 am. Please pray for me this weekend. Every little bit helps!

The pay is perfect for my life, the hours are wonderful for my life, the environment is loving and family built, and the skills I have, I can grow with this company and be there for 40 years. There are advancement possibilities and that is wonderful. It's only 13 minutes away from my house and that is in slow traffic. It's 7 miles away. It's absolutely perfect in every aspect that my career wants and what I am going for.

Weight Watchers Update----

I weighed in yesterday 3 pounds lighter than the week before. Mostof it was stressed off by the job prospect but I'll take it. And now that I have to wait until Tuesday for the second interview, I'll stress off some more weight. I don't want to eat, yet I still want to and I do walk every morning, and drinks lots of fluids.

I traveled to Indianapolis to see my sister and her family this past week too so that was really cool! I miss her so much but I am glad that her career moves are also moving in the right direction. She just got a promotion in her company so our parents are pretty proud of us both. My brother is no exception, he is a smart cookie and been with the same company for over 10 years so he is sitting pretty too.

I have to go take my walk now. I will update throughout the week to let you know how I am doing regarding the endless wait and how my patience is holding up. UUGH!!

German language lessons---I have been listening to german tapes and looking at words in the german english dictionary that I know I know, but just can't remember. It's fun and interesting to see how much I have lost and I words and phrases that I have to learn for the first time.

Til later!


Rick said...

That does sound like a nice job. I think the family part sounds best. I will pray.


C said...

The waiting is the hardest part.

We don't know each other at all. I used to read your blog regularly (along with JW's and the Wastrel Show) and then *poof* your blog was gone after I took a short hiatus from going online. I couldn't comment back then but I used my son's google log-in to leave you one the other day. I'm more of a lurker.

Your weight loss is fantastic. I walk a lot and that's what works for me. I'm just working on ditching the all-or-nothing attitude of being on or off a diet and the whole emotional eating thing.

I've said a prayer. And crossed my fingers. The short commute would be such a bonus! But most importantly it's a job with room to grow.


Andi said...


Thank you so much for being a loyal fan. *blush*. I am still pretty popular with Cinzea and JW's. I had it enough with my roller coaster budget. Mean comments pulled me away. I thought that I would keep this one and start again for the benefit of others with weight watchers things but since my life is interesting the good fortune continues. THanks for the comments. Andi

Anonymous said...

I'm saying a prayer. It sounds like a perfect job.