Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still no job!

I am recovering from the blow I got when she told me that I was number 2 on the list of getting the job. THe only reason I did not get the job was that the interviewer was pressured by a coworker to hire her friend who also had the qualifications but I had better ideas to make website changes and such. So..I am getting my resume submitted again to another company who also needs an admin. Assistant. I am not going to talk about my job hunts anymore until I actually am hired somewhere. It's too hard to handle emotionally and still harder to tell everyone that I did not get it. I'll talk about my job hunts when I do finally get a job!


Anonymous said...

OK. OK. OK. So, now you are learning about job politics. Sometimes, when people hire their friends, it doesn't work out. It may take a few weeks but hey! You never know.
Just make sure you are ALWAYS nice to everyone and never, ever show an attitude. Because, Andi, you just never know how things may work out.
This is a very tough economy. Back in 2001 it took my DH 2 and a half years to find a job. We were down to our last 70 cents. But God is good. We were only praying for a job that paid $400 a week. But God said no! DH got a job that paid $1000 a week. You've got to hang in there. God knows what you need. He's just working on getting everything in order for you. He is working on getting you the best, best job ever!
Your perfect job is coming.
I can feel it.

Andi said...

I know that now, this morning, but I sure didn't see it last night when I got the news. I am in a better mood today and I see the bright lights where it was all darkness las night.
See, I knew you would understand though.
I'll talk to you later,

Rick said...

Andi, just clicked back to check "things" out. I was so sorry to read about the job thing. I know what you mean about not wanting to share. Keep you chin up - as those stupid overly optomistic people say - and keep on trying.