Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My itinerary for New York....

I'll be there for 2 half days and 1 whole day so I have this in mind...

Central Park
Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Ground Zero
Empire State Building
NBC Studios
1 Broadway Play (Probably Wicked)
Food, ummm...we'll see about that.....

I can't wait!!!! Notice there is no shopping involved. I don't shop for stuff, I sightsee and I can't wait!!!!! Take lots of pictures of sights and dream of not getting mugged, killed or maimed.....Bring on the fun!!!

*WOW* I just cannot wait!!!!!


Boomie said...

Food-there are tons of inexpensive ethic restaurants (asian, chinese, middle eastern) and of course, the corner pizzaria. There are push-carts that sell food BUT be forewarned about those. Make sure the seller is wearing those plastic gloves and has his/her permit prominently displayed. All push carts must be licensed and follow strict health guidelines. If not, move on.
Also NYC has tons of chain fast food BUT expect the prices to be higher than anywhere else.

You'll do fine.

Best inexpensive food: Chinatown. Look for the restaurants with the most crowds.
Delis and sandwich shops. Take out.

Dedicated said...

Word of advice??? The items on your list appear close, but they aren't. They, some, take a great deal of time. For instance, Statue & Ellis can take a whole day. Empire, with lines and travel can easily consume 3-4 hours.

I just don't want you to be bummed if it seems time is too limited. Have fun. Pick you must see's and then see if you can swing anything else.

Boomie said...

There are double decker tour buses that you can take that will pass by most of those sights. The bus has an open top, so you sit up high and you can see everything. You may be able to hop-on, hop-off at a sight you want to linger at, but please check with a travel book for better details, or go online.

Be prepared to cry when you see Ground Zero.