Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Well, since I ceased from my labors on Sunday, I had to double time it today since I have a very busy schedule coming up the rest of my life. I walked two miles this morning, mowed my lawn, trimmed all the bushes, cleaned the weeds out of the flower garden, picked a ripe tomato and ate it right there, cleaned out my patio, swept the front porch, made the garage somewhat more organized than before, and cleaned up the kitchen and living room to where I could walk through it again.

I am excited about tomorrow but I am also scared for the heavy load that I have to learn and remember. But I am also glad that I have the kids taken care of and they are in school while I am working and Angel is not at the babysitters too long. If she were at the sitters all day long, I'd also worry about the cost of the daycare and stuff like that.

I have to finish some other stuff around the house but I wanted to make a quick entry and tell some things on here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

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