Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuesday posts

This blog is having trouble keeping posts with it's day that I posted it. I posted the last one on Tuesday and today is Friday. Post says it was posted Wednesday. WRONG!!

And last week I got the job on Tuesday but it says I got the job on Monday. Nope, wrong there too.

Anywho.....job is good, job is wonderful, actually, I was able to create and print out a much needed document for a client and I did it right so I was really happy that I knew what to do there. The job atmosphere is professional but the group environment if friendly and happy and giddy. Our "crazy" employee just makes me laugh. She is so out there that it keeps the morale in the office at a non stress level that I have never felt before. There is no contention with anyone there except when the computers go down and then we feed off each other to keep it high, none the less. All of us in computer freeze hell makes for some wild conversations with each other and with "IT" until they can get the computers going again.

*PING* flies a rubber band over the cubicle. It's cool but we do still get our work done and it makes for a fast day at the office.

I officially move into my cubicle today and I am able to hang pictures of my loved ones on the wall and personalize it a bit. It's so cool! I am so happy now with this job and I am so glad that I stuck through with it so God could bless me this way. I truly am blessed with my life, and I love every part of it! It's about time!!!!

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