Saturday, January 17, 2009

Answer to the comments from previous...

I made this comment a huge long one so I figured I'd make a post out of it.

My brain had this rolling around in it....

I took the money out of the stash I have to pay my car registration. Had $78 in cash so I took the $20 and went to Aldis: (compare this to prices in your area)

2 gallons milk 2.79 each
3 white bread .79 each
rice cereal 2.19
chewable vitamins 2.99
12 large eggs 1.28
2 blocks cheese 1.99 each
bananas 1.37
Tax 1.25% .25


I'll write a check when I do the car at the end of the month. I have learned through hard times, to always have a buffer in checking account ($100.00). I absolutely hate getting into it because my luck, I'd forget something and it'd come up that month. Buffers are great, just as a coin jar is. My coins go to laundry which I also have to do today. That's only $2.50 and already stashed away.

My children do not get allowance. They want something to buy, I usually got it for them. It was the cheaper way for me. Sometimes they asked alot, other times they didn't. It all evened out. Naturally the boy is more expensive with all his electronic games but that is coming to a halt this year and every other year where I still have a debt to pay. There is no credit card so there is no money. That was not my thinking last year and the balances always stayed the same or went up. Not this year. I am going to see a big improvement in our debt status this year. If it kills me.

February should be a very good month in terms of money, three paychecks, my birthday, and income taxes are all coming. The income taxes won't be much, maybe a extra $100 or so, (Used to be $2,000) but it's more than we have now so I just have to be patient and wait 13 more days to get over this bad money spot.

I have not been in Walmart since January 3, and then I only bought cat food. I bought most of the weekly groceries at Aldis. I have $41 left on a walmart gift card but I know if I go in there, I'll walk in spending it on stuff I do not need. I'd not go over the gift card limit, but I'd buy stuff that is not essential to my life now. I can't risk that and my control in that store is in the "Eh, who cares? I'll pay for it next month" category. There is a sensor in that doorway that zaps my brain into the "I don't care" mode. It's crazy!

The kids are at their dads until Tuesday night. The holiday plus Tuesday, the teachers have an institute day. That is also Inaugeration Day and I am going to spend it avoiding all news covering the event. I am going to put on several pre taped shows and videos and watch the day away. I'll be glad when it's over! Then he can save this country and make it a better place to live. I would not want his job for all the money (lol) in the free world.

I am giving blood today, or should I say will try to give blood today. Last time i did this, I was anemic and they would not do it, so the past week I have been eating healthy, taking vitamins and making it so it'll work this time. If it happens, I'll post a picture.

I have to get some work done here but I wanted to post about the money situation and update. Have a great day!


Morrison said...

So, it worked out, right? Those are great prices @ Aldi's. Lucky you.

I was going through the same thing today. I needed eggs, bread, yada, yada, yada. I gave DH all the cash for the week and I'm like you, I don't like to go into the savings or earmarked money.

But I still needed the eggs.

When I cashed in my coin jar (won't get another check till end of next week) it only came to $11.41. Gulp. But this is how my luck goes: my cousin called to tell me she never received the Xmas gift I said I mailed her. It was a $30 check. When I looked over my address book, I had sent it to her old, 3 yr. address. Idiot! BUT it gave me a breather and I used the now available $30 to buy the groceries and get $10 for gas.

Saved by my incompetence, that's what I say!

At the end of next week, I'll send her another check and nobody will know nothing.


dada said...