Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Once again, I have computer problems....

My laptop crashed and that is my save all for my desktop. I have been organizing all my stuff to combine it all onto my external hard drive backup. Luckily, it is not clicking and it's not a blue screen of death. It just won't read the hard drive to start. It keeps popping circuits and jumping to the DVD drive to load. I just hate being without my laptop. It's the third new hard drive in it so it's time for a new computer but I do not have the money for it right now. I am at a point now where I am scared to death of using my credit cards and that is a good thing for me. It used to be way too easy and that is why I am in the mess I am in right now.

I have a friend who's business is compouters and he is getting the computer tomorrow night. Hopefully if he can't fix it, he can at least save the data off the drive.

I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! I feel so helpless!

And I know this is a minor problem compared to death, medical, financial ruin, house being charcoaled, and job loss (been there), but right now, this is my crisis. I am grateful for that. I think!

Have a nice night. Gotta back up the desktop before I lose it too.

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