Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Plans...

Well, my laptop is at the "shop". It's really at a friends house hoping to either get fixed or have the data transferred to my external hard drive so it's not lost.

I worked three days this week and the classrooms I was in, were not bad at all. I like that kind of a week. It can be really good or really bad, to which I would not be willing to teach that class again. I'd do these again. I am happy subbing for now. I really am ready to work in the school district though. I want to work there full time because even though it's less money, I can fit it into my schedule with the kids and the money would be enough for us to pay down bills and bring in some extra cash so we could enjoy the summers too.

You know how you can look at your past and see the whopper mistakes you made? Well, I am seeing some of those and saying, "What was I thinking?" Time to be smart and not make those mistakes again.

Today is the usual, laundry and making sure we have stuff for this next week. Should be pretty standard weekend. Not going to spend too much money. Have to get gas in my car but that money is in the glove compartment so it's not eating into my budget. It is wonderful when a 20 dollar bill can fill up the gas tank for almost two weeks.

See you later....