Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update for Wednesday

I am working today. I am so happy becuase if I do not work, my bills cannot get paid and I realy do not like the idea of that. And it is at a school where I like it, so it's a double plus.

Last night was a bust in the blood drive endeavor. My blood came back iron low so I could not donate but I still implore those of you who can , to do it and turn a picture into Manic Mommy's site so you can be up for a trip to Florida and other prizes. I will try again to donate on the 17th, the next time there is a blood bus in myh area that I am willing to travel too. I am not driving to Springfield to donate. That bus will have to come here.

Time to go to work, so see you later...

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Anonymous said...

You need to take iron supplements girl! You also need to eat more spinach, lentils and red beef. This should be taken seriously.

I'd also suggest you either call your doctor and mention it to him/her or log onto and do some research.

This is the year, 2009, where we women take care of ourselves!