Monday, January 26, 2009


Oh my gosh, I thought I had drama in my life but to hear the drama of some people's lives is just too far beyond even what I can imagine.

I worked today but there is a huge storm coming in so we do not know if there will be school tomorrow. I am scheduled to work in the afternoon so it'll be fine if there is school. I like having the extra money. It is extra money now since every penny I earn from today through Friday is beyond my budget and it will all go to extras I have been holding off on, like the printer cartridges that I need for the computer and the minutes for Allen's cell phone. The rest of it will pay off one more card in full and whatever is left over there will go into the escrow account.

I was really happy today doing the job at my son's school. I love it there and I really like the teachers. It would be such a dream come true if I worked there full time. I am going to sub until someone offers me a position. The hours are just great and the work is ok, and the headaches are few. This is what I want to do. I just need a wishing star or a fairy Godmother to grant me my wish. Or a great deal of patience....

We'll see what happens.

Til later!


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Dedicated said...

Make sure that everyone knows you would love being part of their team, without pressure. It will happen.