Friday, January 2, 2009

Finding Treasures in the Strangest Places

I had a pile of CDs and DVDs with no labels and no way of knowing what they were. Tonight I put them all together in a big pile and started to check the directories to label them correctly! I found some true treasures. I don't always backup my stuff but I found tonight one treasure that I am so glad that I did. I have Jessi on video from back in 2005 when I was a host family while our local high school was having a National Honor Society Conference. It was about three weeks before my wedding to Hubby and I was crazy to do it, but it worked out and we all had fun! I have the video and pictures to prove it. Arielle was so cute in the videos too. We did a clapping game and a cup slamming game that I video taped. It was so cool to watch that tonight. Brings back awesme memories. Jessi had a blast! She was smiling and laughing and having a wonderful time! I haven't seen her like that in years. Makes me cry to watch it but I also will keep that CD sacred because of the precious memories that it holds.

Now I can go to bed knowing that I have one more memory on film that I can bring up any time.

Night all!

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