Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just an observation...

I love Haribo Gummi bears. I am from Germany and I grew up with them in Germany when we lived there and loved them in the States when we have them here. When I went to NYC in October, my dear friend surprised me with a couple bags of the original, German package of Gummi Bears. I am finding out that not all is the same in the Haribo German and it's relative American version.

Number 1 difference-they taste different. The American version all taste the same. The German ones each have their own distinct flavor, strawberry, apple, lemon, orange, pineapple, and raspberry.

The biggest and most annoying difference is the packaging and the amount in each package. Both have the same size bag. They each should hold the same ration of gummi bears. The German bag is noticeably fuller and on the bag it is labeled as 300g. You know what the American bag has in it? 5 oz. a piddly, measly, pitiful amount of 142g.

What am I going to do about it? What can we, as consumers do about this miscarriage of justice?????? Are we going to let this company reduce the amount of gummi bears in an average size package???? To suit their own selfish wants for a decent profit margin???? Hearing those children crying out to their mommies, "I want more gummi bears!" "Sorry, honey, they only had 60 in the bag." "WAAHHHHHHHH!" The question remains, what can you buy with .02 these days? 1 GUMMI BEAR!

I am blogging about this unfair practice, maybe this will get some word out. It's sad that the world is so today that the consumers that love an age old product has to be ripped off in their love to acquire the great taste of an original gummi bear!

*This blog post was written, and posted by Andi Bennett, lover of the Original Gummi Bear. Spamming, criticism, and offering of other sweets and candies to calm her down is strictly prohibited* Thank you...


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the American ingredients. I betcha a dollar that the USA brand has high fructose corn syrup in it! While the German ones has natural sugar and natural fruit flavors.

Let us know.

PS: I always try to buy the foreign brands (cookies, chocolate, candies) when possible. They always taste better than the American slop.

Andi said...

You owe me $.50. Both varieties have corn syrup. Not the high fructose type, just corn syrup. I was more mad at the size discrepency. 142g versus 300g is just lousy!

It just shocked me and I HAD to blog about it. I love blogging. Did you notice my addition? Maybe if I track, it'll be better onmy finances.