Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Benefits of A Vacation

Everyone always asks "When is vacation, I need a vacation." In my life, vacation means a trip somewhere with kids, luggage, lots and lots of driving in a car, hotels, fast food, and watching the money disappear from the vacation fund or adding debt to a credit card that will take years to pay off. Not a pretty sight in my eyes anymore.

I just had a weeks vacation and it didn't cost me a dime. My vacation consisted of waking up at my usual time, everyone else sleeping, me getting some alone time on the computer, reading a few things that I had tossed aside for another time, making breakfast for the kids, getting them off to school, and then laying around, doing what I wanted to, if that meant doing dishes in the sink, picking up the clothes in the bedrooms, or just watching tv in my bed. No must do's, no rushing to get somewhere...none of the hustle and bustle that stresses people out so much. It was a nice week.

Yesterday I went through pictures. Years of pictures in no order whatsoever. A picture of me, at 5yrs old was in the same stack as a 1998 Christmas picture of the kids. I'll fix that mess over the next month.

I have now determined that I will work part time for now while the kids are still at home. There is time for me to work after they leave the house. Life is better at home now and my brain isn't near as stressed as it was and has been the past month. Thank goodness that I figured it out soon enough. I was going crazy! Now I know it was just having to step back and reanalyzing how my life was being handled and I am much happier now.

Have a great day!


Morrison said...

here! here!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ooh, your vacation sounds awesome! I took a mini-trip today--an hour nap from 1:30 to 2:30--that counts doesn't it? Hhahahah! Glad you found me from Dawn ... so anyway, the water up the nose for a sinus problem is the Neti Pot ... you can google it on youtube or you can watch my demonstration on my blog at: or on the site I write for: It'll change your life if you have sinus trouble, and if you do try it out, go back to Dawn and tell her she's crazy for not using it! (She's crazy anyway - I know her in real life-- hahahah!) Take care! Nice to meet you!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, you are TOO great! I cannot believe you went over and read 40 Weeks! That has been so long ago I practically cannot even remember it anymore. If you really like it that much, I will send you the whole thing to read because it's doubtful my agent will sell it at this point! (sad to say, and I am usually a very glass-three-quarters-full, but it's time to put a bullet in that novel's head! : )