Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Last Post Before 2009!

It's only a few hours before 2009 and I figure one more post would do.

It's been an amazing year, with ups, downs, new friends made, searching out old friends and becoming reaquainted, and making some adventurous trips around this great nation of ours.

I don't really regret any of it, the good or the bad, because I have grown and learned from all the actions that I have made and been through.

The reason I started blogging in the first place a few years ago is because I was obsessive about getting out of debt. I changed it to a family blog when I felt guilty for not suceeding in that endeavor in the time I had allotted for myself. I am still in a great deal amount of debt and my job dealings are not looking so great despite having a degree. The economy is all making us suffer right now and my life is certainly no exception. This blog will continue to be about me and the family and everything I happen to want to write about. It's my journal to cheer, vent, scream, and to let out my emotions, which thankfully do have thier ups too.

As I live this life that Heavenly Father gave me, I will continue to strive to do my best and learn along the way. I know it won't be boring, not for me anyway. Hope it isn't for you either.....

Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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