Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovely DAY!

I wake-up this morning to no power for an hour. Lovely #1.

My cats peed on my son's band uniform. That'll cost me my deposit. Sorry, Mr. Band director, can you dry clean Bubba's uniform, cats decided it was a litter box...Lovely #2.

My clothes from last night were never put in the dryer to dry. Hubby did his first and didn't bother to put mine in. Lovely #3.

Now that the power is back on, I wonder for how long since the wind has picked up immensely and will knock it out again, plus the ice storm hasn't even it yet. When is the question. Lovely #4.

The cell phone is being charged to full power as we speak so it'll be ready for when I do need it.


Can't wait until April when the threat of snow and ice aren't near as bad!

I'll post after the disaster is over... Be safe!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm praying for ya! These things are not nice nor kind! Stay cool headed and warm bodied.

Dedicated said...

Okay Andi, I'm gonna come over there if you don't pick those spirits up. I know things are not going according to plan, but believe me - there is a plan with a better place for you to be. You are on your way - CELEBRATE!

What I want you to do, is "pretend" your way happy. Stand up, smile, laugh and keep telling yourself - life is great! Then watch it happen.

Merry Christmas Andi!