Monday, December 15, 2008

Jumbled rambling....

We had power all day long....and we had a pretty good day overall. That was the good news. We have another scattering of storm to get through tonight and then...maybe clear skies in a few days.

I still have to tell my sons band director about the peed on band uniform. Oh, I am going to hate having that conversation.

I spent the day cooking...all kinds of food, tapioca pudding for son, zucchini and eggs for whoever wants to eat it, a strawberry compote that I put into the tapioca. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I am going to make a couple of chocolate desserts for the pre-Christmas party. My ex made chocolate covered peanut butter filled ritz crackers while we were married and I always liked them. I still like them but out of stupidity, I just couldn't dare to eat them. But this year I bought the ingredients so I could make them. I also have the fixins to make a whipped creme dessert of some kind. I want to bake and cook and I really have the cravings now to do it.

I also finished writing the Christmas letter and I got the cards ready to be mailed out tomorrow. Talked to my mom and sister today and my father yesterday. I played a board game with the girl and she was happy about it. We have a decorated Christmas tree in the front room. The living room is clean. Laundry is folded.
While I was finding Christmas decorations I came across some stuff from my daughter, Jessi. I found videos that I had lost for awhile. They were back when she was a baby, her first and second birthday parties. It was good and bad to watch them. I am so glad that we took the videos and that I can now watch them but I would love it if she came here to the house so we could watch them together with her brother and sister and step father. I have to get those taped transferred to DVD so I can edit them to a format that I can work with better. I miss her so much! The holidays make it so hard to let her go. I know she is doing well. Her step mother and I had a long talk the other night about her. I found out that she has been accepted to a few colleges but she doesn't yet know where she is going or if she'll even be able to go. Money is the biggest obstacle there, as it always is.

I still have a list of stuff I have to do but the list is getting shorter. That makes me feel good. Maybe I can survive this holiday yet. Maybe not...we'll see.

Have a good night.


Dedicated said...

I'm assuming the cat(s) that peed on the uniform are boys - boys, when not fixed will 'spray' often and the scent does not ever go away. Believe me, learned my lesson from my first boy cat a long, long time ago.

What I have found is that there is a product at PetSmart or one of those big chains, maybe all, that will remove the scent.

Your issue may be with the fabric involved, but I would try. Also, DryCleaner may have just the fix as well. Instead of going in with your head down - try and fix it at least then you have a chance to keep this dirty little shame a secret. Why upset, where you don't have too? Especially, if there is an economical fix.

Andi said...

Nope the cats are fixed girls that just love to pee on anything plastic lined(ie. grocery bags, backpacks, my jacket, suitcases.) They also love to use my freshly cleaned towels as thier litter box. They peed on the open garment bag and it dribbled onto his uniform. Son's fault totally because he knows that he should have hung it up after his concert last Thursday. Lazy butt! I signed a paper saying that if anything happened to the uniform, I'd report first and let them handle the cleaning. The uniform costs lots of $. I'll deal with hat today. Thanks for reminding me. LOL!

Morrison said...

Oh, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you tell the teacher your cat peed on the uniform. I'm sure it wouldn't bee the first time a story like that would be told.

Let us know how it turns out.

Andi said...

Well, I called and told him and he is getting the uniform tomorrow so they can hopefully save it. I am making son take it in so he can face the teacher himself. It was not my fault, and either way I am going to have to pay the literal price for it. Hopefully they can do smething with it so all is new and clean but I still lose the deposit I was looking forward to at the end of the year when I turned the uniform back in.'s done and now I have to deal with the consequences of it.