Saturday, December 13, 2008

This truly is NOT working...

I went on with my normal Saturday errands. Weight Watchers was my first stop. IN the past 2 weeks, I have gained 5 pounds of my loss back. WHAT!!! OK, stress over work has been hard but I should still be losing, instead of gaining a freaking bag of flour back. I'll figure that one out this week with a new tracking food system that we learned today at the meeting.

Second item of business: laundry, at a stinking laundromat. I had to do three loads (son, daughter, mine) today and most of it was towels. With me not working as much, I need less clothes to wear because I leave the house less to do stuff, thus less showering, (day and a half), if I am going to stay in pjs all day. I washed 14 towels in a week. That is not the norm. Usual is 9 or 10, not 14.

There is a huge storm (ice storm) coming into the area Sunday evening/night. They are expecting ice and snow into Monday morning and then all day Monday which will make Tuesday a mess on the streets. This is the good thing about not having that other job. With subbing, I can choose if I want to work this day or that so I have already told the switchboard that I was not coming in Monday or Tuesday. If the weather is bad, there may not be any school anyway. Yeah for all of us because then I don't have to wake up hubby so he can take kids to school. Because if they are having school on Monday, my car won't move from the driveway anyway. I hate the weather that they are forecasting!

My last errand for the day: Weekly groceries. Milk, eggs, bread. There is a ton of food in the freezer that I can make meals from so we'll be alright there. I still have to get local Christmas cards in the mail so they can be delivered. I am saving wrapping until next weekend since the kids will be with thier father for a few days.

Things to do at home today/tomorrow:Put up Christmas decorations. We have to clean up the collection of a mess that has been transferred from room to room and finally do something with it; be it put away, trash or take to Goodwill. This chore has to be done this weekend.

I hope all your weekend ends up safe and let's pray that our area does not suffer too harshly from the storm that is about to hit!

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