Monday, December 22, 2008

Week of Family

My hubby's family got into town this weekend and we spent all day with them on Sunday. We went to church and then went to oldest sister's house and ate, chit chatted for hours, and had lots of family bonding time. We're doing it again today. I appointed myself the photographer of our newest addition to the family who was born this month. She is so adorable and I got some cute pictures of her as she was being held by members of the family. Her parents have a blog and I'll give them copies of the pictures and then I'll link them to this site.

This whole week is family oriented (this week should be, it's Christmas) so I'll not be around so much. I'll update after the presents have been opened. Have a great week, Happy Birthday Kate, and have an enjoyable and safe holiday.

We'll see you all later...


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You're right--it should be ALL ABOUT FAMILY! Merry Christmas Andi!

Andi said...

Thanks Steph, nice to hear you are feeling better. Was a bit worried about you. I am always here to talk, if you need an ear!

Merry Christmas!