Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Shopping is Done!

EDITED::::See below....

With the job loss, the Christmas budget went down drastically but we still wanted it to be nice so we went quality gifts rather than quantity gifts. The tree will be bare this year because the gifts are smaller but pricier. We'd be better off putting up our 3 foot tree. The presents would fit nice and it would look like a lot. Oh, it's going to be so pathetic this year. But, the situation being what it is, there really is no other choice. Maybe, hopefully, next year it'll be better.

Working has been sporadic at best but I hope that after the new year, it'll pick up a bit. I like being back in the schools and I like getting to see friends that I had made before Arielle was born. Most of the school district had renovations done to their schools so it's like I am walking into new schools and I dont' know where anything is anymore. It's exciting.

I am reading two books right now that I bought for my trip to NYC that I never even cracked the spine to. With the extra time off, hopefully I'll read these and I am also doing some more sorting through stuff (an endless task).

Hoping your week goes well.

Edited to Add: I just had a brilliant thought on how to add to the presents to the tree. I have been nickled and dimed all year with "I want"s and "please give me"s all year long. I am going to get all those "presents" and wrap them up again. They received them during the year but they would have made awesome Christmas gifts so that's what they will be. That requires more wrapping for me but I am the only one to know whats in them so it'll be a bigger surprise when they open them up again. *tricky little Mommy*.....I feel better now...

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