Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Renewing Past Friendships, Time Passes By...

I lived in Maryland for 8 years. I moved there when I was 7 and moved away at 15 so I had my formative, skillbuilding, teenage heartache years there. I had my worst years of life in those 8 years but I have also learned that I want to go back and see what I missed in those chaotic years.

I called a past neighbor friend of the family last night. She was shocked to hear from me. The last time we spoke was probably 10 years ago. Kids have grown and moved out, health has declined, parents have died, divorces run amok; so many things to catch up on.

I was totally blown away by the news that a good friend I used to dance on the couch with to FAME records and my ex-boyfriend married and now have 3 kids. WOW!!!!

Time does tick on. Why does it shock us so much? Why are we shocked that life hands us bad things to deal with and we are shocked that our children act like devils in their teenage years. It should not shock us at all. It's happened for millions of years. Adam and Eve had the same problems with their kids. One son killing another son would be a cause of hysterics in my home too. It'll keep going until the Earth doesn't exist anymore. Time ticks...bringing good or still ticks...

Have a great day!

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