Monday, December 29, 2008

Gosh, I needed this vacation!

You have no idea how much I needed this for my psyche. I have slept in, not "had" to do anything and it's been wonderful! If I have a plan, and it does not get done, I do it the next day. I am not pressuring myself. It's 9:13am and the family is still asleep. It's going to be unseasonably warm today and tomorrow so I am going to go for my 3 mile walk these two days. I put on pounds again and I want to get back into some kind of fitness routine so I can maintain my weight. Yeah, that sounds like an new years resolution. Nah, I don't keep those, it's just a wishful goal for the coming months.

I am happy to report that Christmas was a success. All the presents were well received and that is my biggest worry at Christmas. Arielle loves her easy bake oven, her DS, and our MP3 player. She and I are sharing one. Allen loves his new 360 games and can't stop texting on his new phone. Hubby smells great due to the new cologne I bought him and he is enjoying downloading mp3's from the internet so he can listen to his favorite music on his new MP3 player. He also needs to watch his new DVD I got him.

I am totally addicted to I have found some friends from my childhood that I never imagined that I would ever talk to again. Our neighbors in Maryland, (1978-1986) now have facebook because of me. Well, at least the mom does. Her 3 daughters and me and my brother used to play endlessly back in those days. The memories are just so vivid when you relive them with people lost before.

Well, the family is still asleep so I better get some things done before they wreck my momentum.

Have a great day and week.

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Morrison said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's hope '09 will be fine.