Friday, December 5, 2008

Gotta go where you are needed...

I didn't even get out of bed this morning until the phone rang. I figured that I hadn't been called in three days and I had gotten up and waited so I just dozed after my alarm went off. The phone rang at around 6:19am for a school opportunity. It wasn't the greatest but I had to because my Christmas budget was not stretching big enough to put it all in. I dreaded going to work and it was ok for awhile but as the day crawled endlessly on, I just wanted it over. I made the money today but I won't be going to that classroom again. I like the older classes better. Give me a middle school or high school and I like it much better.

It's now the weekend and I am relaxing again. I have to do laundry, do some shopping for next week, and go through some more stuff around the house. Right now I am waiting for a friend online so I can veg out a bit. I am also reading some more books that I have put off.

Have a great weekend and have fun at whatever you are doing.