Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

They are still sleeping, the hubby and kids,
While mommy sneaks to the computer to get her daily, hourly fix.
Christmas is done, and while it was fun,
There is still so much work to be done

Cleaning bedrooms, sweeping up dirt,
Family must help, or mommy's back will hurt,
So many things we must do and not say
Weather is crazy it's 64 degrees in Illinois today!

Life can be good, smiling faces in the house,
We'll call for the cats, if we see a mouse.
Look forward to new, get rid of the old,
The best stories ever read are happy endings told.

Make this new year, 2009, your best ever!

Why??? Because I said so!


Anonymous said...

You're a poet?

I didn't know it.

Good poem!

Andi said...

It was there and sometimes it just happens. I have a few written for special occasions and for special people. Maybe I'll send them to you and let you read them. Sappy stuff, lots of endearment and sugar, but they were inspired by love so I will claim them as mine. I read them now and don't even remember writing them. Let me know.