Saturday, November 1, 2008


October was full of super highs and super lows so I am wanting to make November a steady stream of "I like life!"

So far, I got paid today, on a Saturday so that was a definite good. I worked for it so I am happy that I got my just do. I love my new salary. It gives me wiggle room for the month if I need it. With Christmas coming up, there is my wiggle room.

Arielle and I are spending some much needed time together today. We are seeing High School Musical 3 and then we're going to the mall for some candle smelling fun.

Allen does not want to go with us so he'll be home doing what he wants to do best....

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! We intend to.

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Dedicated said...

OMGosh - my daughters name is Ariel. No wonder we get along. :-)