Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm not Bipolar! Am I? No, I'm not....

I just have bad days and good days. Saturday was a good day turned bad by a series of events that I won't go into and I went to bed crying. Today I woke up ok and then went to church and heard talks on gratitude and thankfulness and I felt better about my life and all it has in it. I saw friends that I love and they showed that they care about me too. It was nice so I came home content. Tonight I am trying to make up with a friend of mine who was caught on the bad side of my pity party yesterday and I want to apologize but Yahoo messenger is being stupid and her cell is off and I don't know if she is getting the messages I left her and UGH! Maddening!

I'm sorry, I love you and we'll work this out....

I spent 45 minutes talking to a cell phone tech guy trying to fix my voice mail. I finally got fed up but then just as I was about to hang up, he tried one more thing and it finally worked. Thank goodness. I had no caller ID, voicemail and I couldn't text anyone. Now it's fixed and I am so happy.

I have three more days that I have to get up and go to my place of employment. I have to get 9 client files ready. A couple of these clients have a crapload of documents that have to be taken care of after the appointment so by 1pm Monday, I will be so ready to get out of there. I also have to make and party on Wednesday while I clear out my desk and pack everything from my cubicle into my car. It's going to be a bad day! Plus on top of all that, my dear beloved sister is having heart surgery on Wednesday and I am scared to death for her. I can't lose my best friend in all this too. She and I have gotten so close. I'd hate to have anything happen to her.

So, to be fair and objective....I am not bipolar, just have a load of stuff in my life right now to deal with. No wonder my moods are up and down. I hate change and I have my fill of it coming up this week..



Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. You've got a lot on your plate right now. Relax. (easier said than done)

Bipolar people go on spending sprees and deplete all their money during euphoria then crash and burn and go into deep, long depressions. I don't recall you being like that?????

It's the economy. I get the same mood swings sometimes. We're like the roller coaster stock market.

Take up yoga and meditate.

Go read some really bad hard luck stories (they're plentiful now on the internet) and then you'll realize that things really aren't that bad after all.

Feel better. be strong. you will get through this. hang in there!

Tracidawn said...

lol. no worries... you are not bipolar... we are just female and have natural ups and downs. sorry if i hurt your feelings. I have no internet at the moment and phone has been on the fritz. will talk to you soon. love you. bffe