Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Saturday Plans....NOT!

I was going to have such a wonderful time today along with errands and laundry piling up. I slept in, which felt really good and then pried myself out of bed to go to Weight Watchers. I gained .6lbs but I'll fix that this week. I then came home and was getting ready for my party with my coworkers. We were getting together to celebrate a coworkers new house and to scrapbook and start making Christmas decorations for the office and our families. All went well until we went to tbe babysitters to drop Arielle off. They weren't home. Not a soul around. Called them on my cell. we went back home and decided to just call the coworker and tell her that I was not coming! SUCKS!! I was so looking forward to hanging out with my new friends. (insert bad words) That is how I feel about that whole situation!

Arielle and I went to Aldis and another store and got groceries and then came back home to unpack the groceries. Now she is watching tv and I still have to go do laundry sometime this evening.

Good thing last night went so splendidly well. I had a wonderful time talking to a couple of friends of mine online...and then another friend called me on the phone and we talked for awhile. After that phone call, I gathered up Arielle and took her to bed and then I took the remote and turned on a DVR recording and promptly fell asleep.

The boy just told me he needs craft supplies for a project that he needs to start for school. It's due in 11 days so we still have time to get the supplies. Thank goodness it's not due on Monday!

Well, I better go do the laundry I can fold it and put it away before I need it again. I'll be back later. Life is coming back together, for the most part. I hate being that down that nothing cheers me up. Good thing it only lasts a little while.

Til later.....

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