Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy Saturday....

I am basking in the limelight of my last week working at a firm that no more than three months ago was my ticket into a life long love of hard work, desire to help people and seeing the good in helping clients get the most out of their money. That dream is all but shattered. I was naive, stupid, and looking into a rose colored mirror.

It's funny how when we enter a period of our life thinking it is going to get us one thing and then time and life takes a hold and changes it into something nothing like you had imagined.

December 1st, I go back to a job that I have done on and off for 6 years. Back to the school district. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it but right now, it's all I have left to keep me afloat financially until another job opportunity comes along.

I have come to realize that working in a school environment is what I want to do. Probably high school age because most times I can still be found to look young enough to be mistaken for one of the students. Now, that is funny! I'm flipping 38 years old! Thanks to my parents who gave me young looking genes.

I'll apply to jobs after the year ends...When the retirees are leaving and jobs are open and maybe when the economy doesn't look so bleak!

Just another link in this twisted and crazy long chain I call life.

Til later...

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