Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plans For The Weekend...

1.) Sleep
2.) Go to Weight Watchers
3.) Go back to sleep
4.) find a great sweet potato side dish recipe to take to the work potluck.
5.) Take an afternoon nap
6.)Do laundry
7.) Talk to a cople of friends online and go to bed early

Maybe if I sleep this weekend, I'll sleep this blasted cold away. Heavily medicated and full of knock out pills and Vicks on my chest maybe will kick it.

We'll see. At least now I can talk. Monday-Wednesday I had no voice or what was there, was froggy and hoarse and hurt to try and deliver. Now the cold is in my chest and kills me whenever I cough, which is alot and at the worst possible times. Breathing in and then chewing on a breastick and coughing does not mix! Hurts!

So, if you are by your computer, find me on facebook or IM me on yahoo or ICQ, or whatever.

Have a good evening. Til later...


Morrison said...

Feel better. Hope you don't have the flu??????

life without novacaine said...

I have the same thing! Just went to the doctor and it's something between bronchitis and walking pneumonia. I tried to stick it out but finally went and got some meds. Go to the doctor! You don't want to mess around with your health. Hope you feel better soon!