Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Things To Do List

GO to Weight Watchers-check-lost a total of 17 pounds, made goal, 10% and my lifetime membership, that is a whole huge feat in WW language! Yeah for me!

Go to Bank-check-bills can now be paid
Go to Laundromat and do 2 loads-check-clean clothes, yeah!
Go grocery shopping-check-and under budget for the week, yeah!
Clean living room and vacuum-nope
Clean kids rooms and sweep-nope-
Clean bathroom and deoderize-nope-
Clean kitchen, sweep and mop-nope-
Put out hamburger for dinner-nope-asked hubby to get Taco Bell. He's so good.
Fix dinner for hubby-see above-
Try and relax a little-spent a leisurely afternoon talking to a dear friend.
Catch up on stuff taped on DVR.-later tonight....and tomorrow.

I'll get to the rest of this eventually. It'll still be there...


The Trees said...

Hey you are one busy girl. You have a great attitude and congrats on the 17 Lbs!

Andi said...

Have to be busy. I'll go crazy otherwise....

So glad Ellie is doing so well. *hugs and kisses*