Monday, November 3, 2008

Interesting weekend

Actually got caught up on things that I had put off so I call that a success. I slept a lot, caught up on some kid time with Arielle and Allen and they were appreciative of their mother's attempt to spend some time with them.

Arielle and I saw High School Musical 3. I really hate to say this but I really love this movie. I love musicals in general, even the B rated ones. I just love the goofy songs and lyrics, and everything about them. There are only a few I don't like and I won't mention thier names. Arielle loves to sing and dance so it fits into our realm of things to do together.

Allen got an early Christmas present and he is forever grateful. Even hugged me which was a very pleasant surprise, giving that he is a teenager of 13. Hugging moms just is not cool anymore! I'll wrap up the box and give it to him On Christmas Day. Makes my shopping easier and not so time stressed.

Anyone have a countdown to Christmas yet? 52 days or something like that??? Oh my gosh, where does the time go??? It just flies....I just surpassed 2 months at my job. That went fast! And I still love it although there are a few things about getting up so darn early that are beginning to wear on me.....UGH!

Hope every one has a great week and makes it thier own. I intend on taking one day at a time and making every minute the best it can be. Here's hoping.....LOL!

Oh and go vote tomorrow. It may make the difference in a very stressful election.....

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