Thursday, November 20, 2008

Job Update

Well, my boss and I sat down yesterday morning to discuss the job situation. He said that the way the business was going, he needed to change a few things in his business life in order to see if he could do any better than he has done in the past 3 months, which is totaly lousy in the production area. So we decided that he would let me go but to make it easier on me, it'd be my decision, which I told him was fine and I'd write him a resignation letter. So I still need to get that done. End date of employment. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

How do I feel about this? Better. Ever since the announcement of this impending decision on November 4, there have been things happening in my life that I needed this change. Again. For a person who hates change, I am sure doing a lot of it these days. Things have fallen into place so that this is good for me.

I do have a job to do instead of this one. I called the school district and got reinstated as a sub so I am on the call list for Decmeber 1st. I don't miss a date in between and I can make almost 1/2 the income I made at the Financial firm. I cut down on expenses and will make it work. December and January are both good months for paychecks since both months have longer weeks. I get 7 paychecks in Dec aand 7 in January since 2 paychecks (hubby and Child support) are 26 weeks in the year. CS falls in December and hubby falls in January. I get my last paycheck from boss Dec 1 and I get my first paycheck from subbing in January. I should still be able to stash a substantial savings into a hidden account and let it sit for awhile. Even with Christmas around the corner (CRAP!) We'll still be ok.

I had a friend ask me to send him my resume. I told him that for now I was going to wait until Spring, I hate fighting snow and bad cold weather in my car and I now don't have to deal with that, not this year, anyway. If I sub at the school, I'll need another income for the summer months but until then, I'll just do what I have to here at home and the school system has 15 dys off for Winter break so I get to enjoy my kids the whole time and not have to shuffle them off to a babysitter while I am at work. It all works out for the best with me and the kids so that is what counts.

My days now will be getting up this early (5:45am) taking a shower in case I get called to work. If I don't get called, I go back to bed. The latest I'll be home is 4pm where as before it was 5:30-6pm every night.

I found out I am not a 40 hour a week type of person. Not with the kids still being at home. I need to be home for them. They need me and I want to be here for them. I did find out that my son's grades could probably make a step up in the math and reading area if I supervise his after school activity a little more close.

So, that is my "not so tiny" update. I just had to vent and give my self a reminder that this is a good thing. I'll miss the people I work with but I've got the list of numbers and I'll stay in touch. Thanks for reading this far.

Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy, AKB. It's always something. What a drag. Sorry for this news. You seem, however, to be taking it well. You've got plans for the future and will, of course, make it work. Ugh!
All of us have to learn to make do with less. At least you have your kids to be with. I'm sure they will appreciate that.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

PS: If you've worked 20 consecutive weeks, you are entitled to unemployment benefits. Apply. If you do get a few days of work afterwards, they will simply deduct from your UI check. Hope you qualify. Just a thought.

Dedicated said...

Okay at first I saw you decided to resign instead of be fired and I was freakin'. I didn't want you to miss the guaranteed check from unemployment. Your boss is no dummy, with your resignation - he can fight unemployment easily and keep you from receiving the benefit.

Then I saw you have a job lined up.

Before you commit - check your states unemployment site. Sometimes they will give you a partial benefit, while you are earning less then the job you lose. If this is the case - I would make myself terminated and get those funds too.

Andi said...

I am ok with not getting unemployment. I only worked 13 weeks anyway. I am much more lucky than the some of the rest of the population when it comes to these layoffs. Give it to someone who needs it. My money situation will be fine. I am paying off credit cards and those payments will be getting smaller as the months go on so more money to go someplace else. I hated getting WIC when I was single or any kind of "help". If I can do so for myself, I will be better off in my own head. Thanks anyway. Thanks for caring enough to consider the options. My brain has thought through the options too and this is the best course for me, personally.